DOCUMENT ID:  0926-03

SYNOPSIS:     Interactive Unix minimum hardware requirements

OS:           Interactive

PLATFORM:     Intel

OS VERSION:   3.x, 4.x

TECH AREA:    Hardware

PRODUCT:      Interactive Unix

KEYWORDS:     minimum hardware requirement 


To successfully install and use the Interactive Unix Operating System
you must have the following hardware components:


1. 386, 486 AT, EISA or Microchannel architecture platform.

2. 4 megabytes of 32-bit Random Access Memory is enough to
   install, but at least 8 megabytes is recommended.

3. One fixed disk of at least 60 MB capacity is required. A
   60-100 MB or larger fixed disk is strongly recommended.

4. A hard disk controller or SCSI host adapter supported by
   the Interactive Unix System is required.  For a full list
   of supported controllers, refer to the Interactive Unix
   Hardware Compatibility Guide.

5. A high-density drive that supports 5 1/4 inch or 3 1/2
   inch media is required. Interactive Unix will only install
   from Drive A, so when ordering media make sure it matches
   the size of Drive A. 

   Note: The complete distribution is available only on 3.5 
   inch diskettes or tape.

6. A monochrome, Hercules, CGA, VGA, or EGA display adapter
   and monitor, or other display that correctly emulates one
   or more of those video standards, is required.


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