This is a list of some of the machines I run on my network at home. I try to have available to me computers of the same types that I use while working as a Unix systems administrator. Although I can't afford the same systems I would use in a corporate data center, I've found that just having a system running the same OS helps. In other words, the concepts, functionality, and problems encountered while working on large systems in a data center environment can be re-created, to some extent, using older and more affordable hardware.

The machines are not listed in any particular order and I'll try to include pictures of the actual machines if I have them. Oh, and see if you can figure out my naming scheme...


Compaq Deskpro running Solaris x86 8.
333Mhz Intel Pentium II processor and 256MB of RAM.


HP 9000/C110 running HP/UX 11.
120Mhz PA-RISC processor and 416MB of RAM.


DEC VAXstation 3100 M76 running OpenVMS 6.2.
7.6 VUPs VAX processor, an SPX frame buffer and 32MB of RAM.


SGI INDY running IRIX 6.2.


SUN SPARCstation 5 running Solaris 8.
170Mhz SPARC processor and 256MB of RAM.


HP 715/100XC running HP/UX 11.


Macintosh 8500 running Mac OS 9.
350Mhz G3 processor and 216MB of RAM.


Integraph TDZ-400 running Windows NT 4SP5.
Dual 200Mhz Pentium Pro processors and 128MB of RAM.


IBM RS/6000 250 running AIX 4.3.3.


Homemade PC running Debian Linux.
Dual 200Mhz Pentium Pro processors and 512MB of RAM.


SUN SPARCstation 20 running Solaris 9.
Dual 75Mhz SPARC processors and 256MB of RAM.

Composed by: Mike Nealey
©2002 and beyond